Ziverdo Kit (Zinc acetate 50mg + Doxycycline 100mg + Ivermectin 12mg)



Ziverdo kit

Manufacturer Mankind Pharma Limited
Composition Doxycycline 100 MG, Elemental zinc 50 MG, Ivermectin 12 MG
Therapeutic Class Tetracyclines, Minerals, Anthelmintics
Country of origin INDIA


Ziverdo Kit contains 3 different tablets:

  1. Doxycycline 100 MG
  2. Elemental zinc 50 MG
  3. Ivermectin 12 MG

For COVID-19 positive patients, it is now recommended as a first-line treatment. In the treatment of COVID-19, quadruple therapy with ivermectin is beneficial.


What is Doxycycline 100 MG for?

This anti-infection is an expansive range of anti-infection that is used to treat bacterial illnesses such as pneumonia and other respiratory parcel contaminations, Lyme’s sickness, skin, genital, and urinary plot diseases, and Bacillus anthracis.

What is Elemental Zinc 50 MG for?

Basic Zinc is used to help with the development and upkeep of solid wellbeing.

What is Ivermectin 12 MG for?

Ivermectin is an anthelmintic medication that is utilized to treat parasitic roundworm contaminations including Strongyloidiasis and Onchocerciasis.


How does Doxycycline function?

Doxycycline works by killing microbes and forestalling contamination.

How does Elemental Zinc function?

Zinc is a dietary enhancement.

How does Ivermectin work?

The worms in the digestive organs are killed by it.

How to use it?

Doxycycline 100 MG tablet:

Adults: The standard beginning portion is 200 MG in isolated dosages on the principal day of treatment, trailed by a day-by-day upkeep portion of 100 MG.
Children: 2 MGLB of body weight separated into two portions is the proposed measurement for kids.
It is accessible as a case or a suspension to be taken orally with food.

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